23 Words of affirmations that will change your life

23 Words of affirmations that will change your life

Why Affirmations Make Your Life Better

All of us speak to ourselves. All day long! Lots of people throw around positive and negative feelings throughout the day long without givining it a second of consideration.

If you treat yourself like how you treat your loved ones.. there will be a significant difference in your well being.

The words which pass through your head shape who you are, the mindset of yours, and you as a whole.

What exactly are Self Affirmations?

The goal of reading and writing self affirmations is to help improve our psychological immune system. They inspire us to feel better about ourselves.

Nevertheless, self affirmations are just what you tell yourself to be able to spark some kind of self change.

They help alter your beliefs about yourself and help improve your mental health.

23 Positive Thoughts & Affirmations


I am better than who I am in the past.
Today might not be a good day, but I will make it better than before.
I decide to think positive
I’m good enough.
I get better every day.
All of my troubles have solutions.
My challenges help me develop as a person.
I’m a leader and produce a positive effect.
I get better every day.
I’m capable of great things.
Everything is going to be alright.
I’m owning my choices
I am whole, with or without other’s approval.
I can make a positive change in my community
I’m whole.
My best Is enough and adequate
I accept who I am as a person.
Every day is a new start.
I have the potential to create my goals
I choose trust over fear of failure
I have faith in myself and the abilities of mine.
I’m perfectly okay outside of the comfort zone of mine.
I’m ready to learn

You certainly do not have to repeat each and every one of these affirmations each day.

Pick one or 2 to take along with you every day, and keep an eye out. Your life will improve drastically.