Long distance relationship activities that will help you bond!

Long distance relationship activities that will help you bond!

The best thing about the advancement of technology.. is that you can do so much with your friends and partners just by being online.

You can bond with someone, all across the world. See their faces, their daily activities and their perspective of the world.

There will differently be some difficulty like time zone, culture differences and work schedule.. but there’s nothing you can’t work around!

Activity #1: Netflix & Chill

What’s better than Netflix and chill night?

There are Netflix sharing apps out there, like mycircle.TV that will help you do that. It’ll be like going to the cinema together, online!

Spending time together doesn’t need to be complicated, even virtually.

Pick something you both like and go for it!


Activity #2: Stir-friday!

I got this idea off Archer (best TV show out there).

Each partner gets to close what dish they will be cooking together on Friday, pick something fun and enjoyable.

Connect to Skype & let the cooking begin!

Anyway, in case it winds up being a complete failure, the great news is that the partner of yours will not be in a position to taste it!


Activity #3: Plan for your next reunion

Even if your next reunion might be months away, it’ll be nice to start planning ahead! The more time you keep yourself busy, the easier it gets.

Book the travel tickets, learn about the region, check what is there to do, tourist spots, good local food & cultural experiences.

Surprise couple projects, couple holiday packages, pampering spas or perhaps even an expensive date plus can be setup for your long distance meet up!

Keep things interesting, the distance will not matter if both of you are putting in the effort.


Activity #4: Start gaming together

Even in case you’re not gamers at heart, there’s a great selection of video games that are online that you are able to indulge with your partner to bring fun to the relationship of yours and date nights.

There’s something from everyone, in all the genres and of all types (competitive or cooperative).

There is overwatch, minecraft & even stardew valley.. you will find you both like eventually!

You are able to also play those classic board games together.

We suggest Monopoly or maybe Scrabble, even so you are able to pick one thing that will much better suit the tastes of yours.

Activity #5: Online shopping

Nothing is stopping you from shopping for your other half, not even distance! Just get the measurements of your partner and go for it.

The best thing about shopping online, you can simply send a link to your partner to see if they like it.

There’s no need to go down to a local store, try it out and see whether you like it. The best thing is, you can simply google for coupons once you are ready to buy – compared to a local store.

Activity #6: Livestream & Vlogging

If you are in different countries, there will definitely be different experiences. Why record them and let your partner relive them?

I’m sure your partner will love to see more of your day to day lives, instead of just being in your home/apartment every time they call you.

You can start streaming at work, during lunch or even record a short video of yourself having fun with your friends.


Activity #7: Virtual karaoke

If you both can play an instrument, do a duo!

You will find a lot of phone apps, and sites (like Smule Sing or perhaps just Skype) dedicated to all those that would like to sing and play music together, no matter what the distance.

With this, you will be certain you are going to have a great laugh!

Record yourself singing on your favorite karaoke site and also have an excellent night out with the other half of yours.

Activity #8: Romantic date Being in a long distance relationship doesn’t imply you need to say goodbye to intimacy and romance.

Take some time to organize regularly real romantic dates on Skype.

How can you do that exactly? Effectively, almost like in life that is real!

Give the lover of yours an appointment, take proper care of the small details (outfit, light, setting, etc.), then simply watch a romantic movie, dine together and seduce the partner of yours like the very first day.

Today, with technology, you are able to actually go much further! (If you understand what I mean…)

It is the same as a regular date. The one difference is that things are carried out via your video chat application.


There are lots of fun date night ideas for long distance relationships, but we have narrowed it down to a summary of only the best.

Remember to always be inventive in your long distance dates. Very long distance relationship activities add to the liveliness and lower distance.

They’re in no way a replacement of an’ in-person’ date, however, they could be a spark of hope in an otherwise dull situation. If it feels weird in the beginning, just give it some time.

It is very different from getting out in public together, but you will be enjoying yourselves quickly.