The Unsent Message Project

Welcome aboard the Unsent Message Project, by Monthsary.

This project is dedicated to everyone who has experienced a relationship that didn’t quite make it to a significant monthsary, or monthly anniversary. The premise is simple but poignant.

We’re sharing the unsent messages & letters, the words that were left unspoken, the feelings that were felt but never shared. These messages could be of love, regret, gratitude, or even relief. They represent a cathartic release, a way to find closure, or a chance to say what was left unsaid.

This project is a safe space for all those unsent messages, those hidden emotions related to your special dates. It’s our way of saying, “Hey, it’s okay. Your unsent messages have a home here.”

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About The Unsent Message Project by Monthsary

In this project, we invite you to share the unsent messages you’ve always wished to send on a special date, those precious sentiments that could have added an extra layer of warmth and affection to your monthsaries.

Using our secure platform, you can anonymously submit these messages, giving voice to your emotions while maintaining your privacy. Your messages, filled with love, regret, longing, or joy, will then be displayed on our website, adding to a tapestry of human emotions and experiences.

We encourage you to not only share but also explore the messages shared by others, giving you a window into the hearts of people around the world. You may be surprised at the shared experiences and emotions that can resonate deeply with your own.

While we welcome multiple submissions, we urge you to ensure each message is heartfelt and genuine. The Unsent Message Project, by Monthsary, is a celebration of love in all its forms and stages, emphasizing the authenticity of emotions.

Please be aware that once a message is submitted, it becomes part of our public display. It’s a testament to a moment in time, a thought, a feeling that was important to you. So, think carefully before you hit send.

FAQ About The Unsent Message Project

Do you have a theme for unsent messages?

We don’t have any specific themes or topics. Your messages can be about a missed opportunity, an unspoken love, or a cherished memory. All we ask is for the content to be respectful, genuine, and related to monthsaries or anniversaries.

Do you post all unsent messages that are submitted to your project?

We absolutely aspire to! We understand the emotional significance each message carries and we truly value the effort and courage it takes for every individual to pen down their deepest emotions and share them with us. However, due to the overwhelming response and the high volume of heartfelt messages we receive, we may not be able to update and post all of them immediately. We strive to review and post new messages regularly, but we kindly ask for your patience as we navigate through this process.

Do you exclusively post unsent messages, or are there other types of posts accepted?

While the primary focus of our project is on unsent messages, we understand that love and emotions are not bound by such constraints. We believe in celebrating love in all its forms and phases, whether it’s the unspoken words of a missed opportunity or the joyous celebrations of current relationships. Therefore, we do keep our platform open to posts that aren’t just unsent messages. We gladly welcome posts that commemorate current monthsaries and even heartfelt love letters. This way, we ensure that our platform remains vibrant and diverse, offering a true reflection of the various facets of human emotions and experiences.

Can I secretly send a message without revealing who I am?

Absolutely! We totally get that you might want to keep your identity hidden. Feel free to send your messages without worrying about being identified. We respect your choice and won’t show any details that could point back to you.

Is there a cap on the number of messages I can send to the unsent message project?

Nope, there isn’t! You can send as many messages as you like. However, we encourage you to make each message meaningful and from the heart.

Do I need to keep my messages short?

There’s no hard and fast rule on the length of the messages. However, we suggest expressing your emotions as succinctly as you can so that others can easily relate to and understand what you’re saying.

How will I know if my unsent message is up on the website?

Once we’ve taken a look at your message and given it the green light, it will appear on our website. Feel free to scroll through the messages to spot yours.

Can I change or remove my unsent messages after I’ve sent them in?

Once you’ve sent a message, it joins our public display and can’t be altered or removed. That’s why we suggest taking a moment to think it over before hitting the submit button.


So, are you ready to join us? Are you ready to share your unsent messages, your unexpressed emotions, and be part of a community that values authenticity and emotional expression on special dates? If you are, we warmly welcome you to the Unsent Message Project, by Monthsary. Let’s embrace our shared human experiences and fill the world with the love that’s often left unsaid.