The best destination for weddings in the World

When its time to tie-the-knot, you want the best of literally everything, be it the location, outfits, food and drinks and of course your partner!

Ever considered a destination wedding? The fun that it could be. And also might prove to be economical than the local wedding with end number of people, most of which you definitely will not know, let alone being close to them.  

It isn’t quite necessary for you to have had a romantic relation prior, you can always explore and escape to a romantic getaway for your wedding day. 

These are some of the most exotic places in the world that could be considered for your destination wedding. 

Garden Island, Hawaii

Well known as the Garden Island, Kauai, in Hawai is a romantic location of your wedding celebration. With the golden sands, clear waters and greenery all around will leave all your guests awestruck. 

This being such a sought after place for the tourist, has a number of places for sightseeing and activities to do in order to keep your guests occupied and keep boredom from setting in. For example – The Na Pali Coast and the Waimea Canyon.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

On a scale of 1 to 10, Italy is going to score 15 for being so romantic. So much so that the couples on your guest can be seen falling in love all over again. This place has some extremely luxurious hotels for you and your guests to halt like the Hotel Margherita, Hotel Conca d’Oro Positano, and Hotel La Ninfa which is overlooking the Mediterranian Sea. You can actually hear the serene sounds of the waves crashing. 

Costa Rica

An evergreen tourism industry that was built on weddings is ideal for just every kind of couple. Not everyone gets the opportunity to tue the knot at such destinations, so if you do, GRAB the opportunity and make it happen! Make your partner feel all romantic and loved by making this special day one of the most memorable days of your lives.

Phuket, Thailand

Unlike the other destinations on your list, this place is quite central to you and your guests. Nobody forgets a beach wedding. Beaches are precious and getting hitched at one of the best beaches in the world is a dream come true. Amanpuri is one of the traditional resorts that’s a MUST VISIT for the new couple. In order to symbolize their sacred union, the bride and the groom are wrapped in garlands by the monks. This ceremony is followed by an optional elephant ride, dance, and dinner. You can consider this resort and the quirky traditional ceremonies that come complimentary along with it for tying the knot at such a holy place at an international destination facing the beach is an experience worth a million dollars.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Gravely impacted by the Hurricanes in 2017, this Island rebounded and has a flourishing tourism industry with a huge number of Hotels, Clubs, Resorts, and Villas. A complete treat to the newly wedded couple or to be a wedded couple and their guest, that goes without saying. 

Franschhoek, South Africa

With a year-round temperate climate, Franschhoek is located right outside Cape Town. It is a paradise for wine lovers as it is home to bolstered wineries with 30 acres of private plum orchard and vineyard. Tourists/ guests are often seen touring around and sipping the finest wine. 


One of the most underrated locations in the world, which is why it might not be one of the first destinations to strike you instantly while planning your wedding. However, worth every bit of it. The population in this particular region is incredibly hospitable and accommodating. They will go right out of their way to make the bride, the groom, and their families feel warm and special. Green gardens, blackwaters, and ancient castles, this place has got it all. 

Aarushi Raj Gupta is an enthusiastic Wedding Planner and Blogger from India. She has written for many Indian wedding blogs . You can check out her website here