The 9 Best Apps To Make Wedding Planning Easy (Infographic)

The 9 Best Apps To Make Wedding Planning Easy (Infographic)

After a certain number of monthsaries, you may decide to make the leap into marriage. The period before your wedding can be an exciting whirlwind, but the planning process can take a toll on even the most organized bride.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Wedding Planning App?

By using an app, you can keep all your checklists, spreadsheets, and to-dos in one centralized location. In other words, you won’t have all your vital information scattered across a dozen different notebooks. What’s more, many apps boast collaborative features so you can easily share important details with your partner, wedding party or vendors. Finally, wedding planning apps can help slash costs and save time by digitising major elements of your big day such as the invitations and the photography.

What Wedding Planning Apps Should You Be Using in 2019?

There are hundreds of apps designed to make the wedding process a breeze. However, with so many apps to choose from, how can you find the right one for you? This infographic from The Wedding Band Shop lists the nine best apps to make wedding planning easy.

Explore Endless Wedding Day Ideas

The first stage of the wedding planning process is gathering ideas and inspiration. To keep all of your ideas nicely organised in one place, we recommend Pinterest. A favourite among brides and grooms-to-be, this social bookmarking app allows you to explore millions of wedding-related photos, videos, blogs and infographics. It also lets users save ideas in themed boards which can then be shared with key members of the wedding party.  

Kick Off Your Wedding Planning with These Apps

If the world of wedding planning is completely new to you, and you can’t figure out where to start then an app can be a huge help. We advise starting off by downloading a wedding planning app such as LadyMarry, WeddingHappy or Wedding Planner. These will provide a personalised checklist that you can customise as you please. They will also set some deadlines based on your wedding date to ensure that you stay on track with planning.

Best Wedding Budgeting Apps

There are also a number of handy apps that let you closely monitor your wedding expenses and prevent costs from spiralling out of control. To kick off the budgeting process, try The Wedding Planner App by The Knot which can create a breakdown of costs based on your overall budget. Then download either a spreadsheet app such as Google Sheets or a dedicated app such as Mint to store your budget.

Read the infographic to discover the top wedding planning apps for 2019.