Step-By-Step Guide: Here’s How You Can Start A Wedding Photography Business

A business initiative needs the idea and proper plan for actualization. You got the idea of becoming a wedding photographer now it’s time for you to get the project on board. Photography is a service-based business, and this market is well contested. To stay in the market, you must provide the best quality services to your client. 

We can sense your notions that you need tips to turn your business idea into a business initiative. So, we designed this article citing the things you need to know to start your business. Go through every word and implement the stated idea to get yourself helped. 

Make a proper plan: Before going on the field, you must pen down your business plan. What services will you provide, who will be your customer, how will you serve them, what will be your prices for the service, what makes your idea unique , etc. 

You need to set some goals for short term and long term. Prepare a budget for the business. Make a proper plan for operations as well. Pre-planning counts as half completion of any project. If you pen down your concentrations, then It’ll help you to do everything needed.

Build a team: wedding photography is quite different than other types of photography. It is not like travel photography, where you can play alone. You need to have team support to play the best. 

Hire at least one or two assistant at the initial stage. Who will help you in capturing different angles, setup, editing, etc? Hire only them who shares the same vision, dedication, spirit like you. It is needed for success.  

Prepare a list of things you need: Make a list of things you need to buy for your wedding photography business. Buy at least one or two Camera, Medium zoom lens, Telephoto lens, wide-angle lens, prime lens, memory cards, spare batteries, hard drive ( at last 2 hard drives with minimum 1TB space in each), tripod, light stands, flash diffuser, laptop or desktops, photo editing software , etc.  

List down veteran market players and take help from them. It’ll give you first-hand experience. You can seek help from professional photoshop services, to deliver the best services to your client.

Choose a name for the start-up: Since you have taken the initiative to start-up. So, give a name to your startup. The name helps in distinguishing your company from others. 

While choosing a name, try to make the title more relevant to wedding photography. Make name simple, easy to pronounce yet meaningful. Your company name makes an impact on the customer is considering your company over your competitors. 

Attach a value proposition to your company name; A value proposition helps in communicating the value you have created for your customer. For instance, we can talk about the top-ranking company like “shutter up.” The name is quite relevant to photography. It is easier for the customer to know more about the company, what the company stands for, what do they do. They have a message attached to their company name citing, “We have got you covered, now imagine more.” This is their value proposition. They assure the customer to feel more relaxed about the photos, and now they can concentrate on other stuff, Because “shutter up” has got their back.  

This single word campaigns as commitment. So choose a name and a value proposition for your business. 

Register the name: Once you have decided the title, the next is the registration of that name. Registration of name is a legal process. It creates a legal identity of your business. 

Registration helps in securing legal rights. Once you register for a name, later on, none can use the same name other than you. Register your company to avoid illegal tagline. 

Build a portfolio: Now, you have a plan for your business, a dedicated team, needed equipment, a legal identity. So, it’s time for you to build your company portfolio. 

The portfolio is the aggregation of services you have committed to providing. Mention the services you can contribute to your customer in details. Calculate the prices of the services. 

Your portfolio performs like inventory. Organize your list in the most convenient way.  

Create a website: Websites are the visual platform to present any portfolio. Make a website for the company to showcase your work. The website helps in building trust in customers and prospects. Share your best pieces on the site to attract customers.  

The website also works as a media of communication between you and your client. To keep the site up to date. It creates credibility among your customers and helps in gaining customers.   

Pen down terms and conditions: A business must stand on some specific terms and conditions. Before starting a business, you must set some terms and conditions for your clients and employees. Terms and conditions act as a code of conduct.

Make a contract paper for your clients and employees to avoid future chaos. 

Collaborate with professionals: Being a new market player, you will be faced with new challenges every day. You need to reach customers, capture their precious moments, and deliver the photos to them. At times you may not get the perfect picture in the raw shot, but you can get it perfect by editing. 

Always try to deliver the best quality pictures. Edit photos before delivering, present unwanted object free photos to your client. For better editing seek help from Photo Background Removal

Collaborate with veteran market players. It’ll help you in gathering experiences and reputations.

Market your company: Last but not least, Market your business. Marketing your business means communicating your services with the targeted people. Promote your business to them.  

Let your customers know more about your company. Be available on website, social media. Connect to people. Be open to feedback. It’ll help to expand your business. 


Becoming a businessman requires a lot of patience, dedication, hard-work. Be humble to your profession and customers. Know your competitor. Decorate your portfolio, keeping the competition in mind. Pamper your customer with the best quality wedding photography service. 


Author Bio:

Salim Ahmed is the founder of Graphic Experts India, an offshore graphic house for Photoshop Clipping Path services. Besides, he is a Photographer and  Blogger. He likes to share tips and tricks on photography, photo editing, and graphic design!