40 Fun solo bucket list ideas

40 Fun solo bucket list ideas

Make this year, the very best year you ever have.

You don’t need a lot of friends to enjoy your own life.

Much less try something new!

Get out there and attempt something new on your bucket list. Live a little.

1. Travel to 10 countries on a budget.
2. Learn a brand new language. (Spanish, Chinese etc)
3. Run a triathlon.
4. Go scuba diving or maybe snorkeling.
5. Go skiing.
6. Try horse riding.
7. Try skydiving or bungee jumping.
8. Pursue your passions.

9. Start your very own small business or travel blog. (Candle-making)
10. Fly in a hot air balloon!
11. Go for a short cruise.
12. Buy a drink from a sketchy coffee place.
13. Experience the sunrise and sunset in a day.
14. Take a look at Northern Lights
15. Go to the seaside in 5am in the morning, wait for the sunrise!
16. Get a small pet.

17. Write a book!
18. Go to a castle.
19. Eat something weird.
20. Learn an instrument.
21. Join a martial art class
22. Go on a solo road trip.
23. Backpack to five different countries.
24. Pack your bags and take an impromptu trip.

25. Living abroad for a few months. (Like a nomad!)
26. Be an extra in a television show or maybe movie.
27. Knit a scarf.
28. Build your dream home from scratch.
29. Create a snowman.
30. Read a book you’d never ever read normally.
31. Fall asleep inside a hammock someplace tropical.
32. Explore a water cave.

33. Kayak a river.
34. Learn origami.
35. Conquer the biggest fear of yours.
36. Go see the cherry blossoms in Japan.
37. Do something crazy! (Cycle around your country for the whole day etc)
38. Fall in love
39. Go inside volcano.
40. Fly a helicopter.