Personalised Details for a More Intimate Wedding  


When you think about your wedding day, you think about your family and friends and how you want to share that beautiful day with them. You want them to be happy as they witness a special moment between you and your partner. Today, couples are coming up with unique ways to show appreciation to their guests for being part of their celebration.


Here are a few ideas you could add on your wedding day as a token of appreciation to your guests.


1. Engraved pebbles with you guest’s names


Using engraved pebbles is an excellent way to add a personalised touch to your wedding.

Instead of the usual cards and papers, you could instead allocate every guest with an engraved pebble with their name on it.


You could use these pebbles to show the seating arrangement, and your guests can take the pebbles home as a reminder that they were part of your special day. 


To add a personal touch, you and partner could paint the names yourselves on the pebbles.

Make sure to use oil-based paint so that it doesn’t come off easily.


If you are on a tight budget, painting is more economical compared to engraving on the pebbles. Your guests will love it that you took the time to acknowledge them on your big day.


2. Personalised champagne bottles for the table


Who wouldn’t want to see their name on a champagne/wine bottle. For every table at your wedding reception, have a bottle with a personalised label with the names of the guests as the centerpiece of the table.


If, for example, you have your close childhood friends sitting on one table, you can add a joke only you and your friends could understand. Something to remind them that they are appreciated and they still hold a special place in your heart.


If you know your guests’ tastes, you could also have a different type of wine or champagne for every table. This will enable your guests to enjoy their favourite drink, and they will appreciate that you considered what they love.


You can also have personalised glasses for every guest, each with their name on it for them to take home.


3. Wedding playlists curated by your guests


Just like food, good music is vital for you to have a great wedding. Having your guests choose the playlist is a great way of ensuring that everyone will enjoy the music. This can be easily arranged through Facebook and Whatsapp groups created specifically for your wedding.


Surprise them by playing their favourite songs. Everyone will light up each time they hear their song play, and they will forward to the next song on the playlist. This will make your party fun and full of life. A hyped crowd is a happy crowd.


4. Create a “photo wall decoration” of all your guests


To add a personal touch to your wedding, you could set aside space on one of the walls where you can create a collage or collection of old pictures of you and your guests.


The wall could also double up as a photo booth for the day. If you do not already have these pictures, you can get the photos off Facebook/Instagram and have them professionally printed.



5. Write and read out a poem that name-checks your guests


This takes a bit more effort than the other suggestions, but it can be done at no cost.


Write a poem with your partner where you reference all the guests at your wedding. Call them by their names and mention moments you spent with them or things about them that makes you value their friendship.


The poem can be majestic, cheesy or funny, whatever suits the tone of your wedding and relationship with your guests.


You can read it either at the wedding itself or the reception afterwards.



Author Bio:


Didier Penine is the founder and owner at Say it With Champers, a UK based company that sells superb champagne with personalised labels.