Our Last Monthsary: Together

My Dearest Serene,

As the monthsary of our love eclipses us, I write to you with a heart heavy as lead, echoing the emptiness that now resides where once our love was housed. Only a few days past, we celebrated our love, our unity, our shared existence. Yet, now we stand divided, fractured by the cruel and unyielding grasp of circumstances beyond our control.

Our paths have diverged, branching in directions dictated by the compass of faith. A compass that, though we both hold dear, points us towards horizons that do not converge. Our love, as profound and as deep as the ocean, has been challenged by the unforgiving tides of differing beliefs.

I stand on the precipice of this chasm, the wind carrying the echo of our shared laughter, our whispered dreams, our harmonious silences. Each memory, a dagger through the heart, each echo, a reminder of a love that once defied the odds.

The religion that we hold dear, has become the storm that has driven our ships apart. Yet, even as my heart aches with the weight of this loss, I cannot negate the love that still lingers, love that refuses to be dimmed by the shadow of our differences.

In this distressing quietude, I find solace in the echoes of your laughter that still linger in the corners of our shared spaces, the warmth of your touch that still haunts my skin. Each memory, a testament to a love that, though now lost, will forever remain etched in the constellations of my heart.

I loved you then, and I love you still, with a love that is tenfold, a hundredfold, a thousandfold sadder. A love that is now a declaration, a testament, an elegy to a union that once was. This is my love, my sorrow, my end.

Yours in love and loss,