Our 13th Monthsary Letter, J

Happy 13th Monthsary, J.

As I sit to write this letter, there’s a heavy weight in my heart. Our 13th monthsary ought to have been a celebration of love, yet here we are, treading on the shards of what was once our beautiful connection.

I remember our first anniversary like it was yesterday. The joy in your eyes, the love in your heart, and the promise of a future together. But, as fate would have it, we stand at different crossroads now. I’ve graduated and am awaiting the next chapter of my life that waits for me in a foreign land, while you remain in Singapore, serving your national service, a duty you’ve always held close to your heart.

As I prepare to embark on this new journey, I want you to know that this decision wasn’t made lightly. The thought of being miles away from you brings me unimaginable pain. But I’ve always believed in following our individual paths and growing together. And right now, my path leads me abroad. The reality of a long-distance relationship, combined with our separate commitments, is a challenge I’m not sure we’re ready for.

You must know, J, this is not a goodbye. It’s a tribute to our love, a love so deep that it gives us the strength to let go when we must. As I pen this down, I’m flooded with memories of us – your laughter, our shared dreams, our quiet moments together, and the love we’ve nurtured. I carry these with me as I move forward.

So, here’s to us, J. To our love, and to the memories we’ve built together. Know that my love for you remains, in every sunset I’ll watch alone, in every song that will remind me of you, and in every moment I’ll wish you were by my side.

With all my love, always,