Movies for couples – 20 films you need to watch right now!

Movies for couples – 20 films you need to watch right now!

Movies for couples are pretty common, but here’s a list you can start with!

Are you the kind of couple who finds reasons to snuggle up with your partner just like the rest of us do? Then we all have got one of the best reasons- a movie! Cuddling with boo on the most comfortable couch, hands full of popcorns, chips, diet cokes and all the necessary snacks, and then add an interesting movie. Does that sound perfect date to you? Well, it does! Nothing breaks the mood worst than a dull movie, so here is a list of 20 exciting movies for couples!


A classic Hollywood movie, released in 2001, narrates an interesting story of megastar couple of Eddie and Gwen who recently broke up, but in order to successfully manage the promotional activities of their new movie they try to keep things going with the flow by showing the world how well can they tolerate each other. And then Eddie’s romantic life takes a turn.


Ronald Miller who is a nerdy boy of a High School manages to help the most popular cheerleader of the school Cindi Mancini to get rid of the punishment for destroying her mother’s fancy dress.  Ronald agrees on giving Cindi the amount for her mother’s dress on a condition that she would act to be his girlfriend for a month to which she agrees. However, later on Cindi actually falls for Ronald, making him popular in the school.


The story revolves around Jake and Luke who work drink and spend time after work. Both of them are dating their better halves. However, soon after sometime Jake breaks up with his girl friend and Luke breaks with her boy friend Chris. After this incident they realize to be perfect for each other and that they should be together. This is where troubles start!


A well done rom-com in which Lainey and Jake co-incidentally meet each other after years of having a one-night stand. At this point both of them are having troubles with their love life so they end up being attracted to each other.


After having ‘fun’ at a trip to Vegas, working woman Joy McNally and playboy Jack Fuller realizes that they have tied knot while being unconscious due to over drinking a night before. Besides that, they have a huge jackpot left at stake due to their relationship which can be lost due to their efforts of marriage annulment.

PS. I LOVE YOU (2007)

This story revolves around Holly Kennedy whose husband Gerry dies of illness leaving her in trauma and depression. However, on her 30th birthday Holly receives the first letter of the series written to her by her husband. These letters tell her different activities to do in order to encourage her to move forward with her life.

P.S: This is one of the better movies for couples film in this list!


This movie is amazingly played by Julia Roberts who falls in love with her best friend. But the plot turns when we get to know that her best friend is already getting married to the love of his life.


This film makes you learn to take the most out of the opportunities life provides you. The story revolves around two people who take the fullest advantage of the chance and fall for each other.


This movie gives you realization of possibilities to be struck by unexpected circumstances in life, when two friends end up loving each other.


This series of movies is all in one: adventure, action, sci-fi, and romance! The unlimited plot twists are enough to build up interests of everyone.

500 DAYS OF SUMMER (2009)

This movie’s interesting story line makes it unique. This movie actually depicts the fact that your past makes you learn! When Tom gets dumped by his girlfriend, he looks back to 500 days spent with her and discovers his lost passions.


This movie is full of emotions, drama, and romance. A comedian, Alvy Singer tries to figure out the reasons for his relationship to become sour by talking directly with the audience. He narrates his story from childhood till the time when he fell in love with Annie .


This comedy movie is about three friends who, before getting married, go on a trip with a mutual friend. That’s where the problems begin! On the next morning of the trip they wake up without remembering anything, besides that their mutual friend also vanishes. These 3 grooms try to trace their paths to get back to the aisle.


Full of mystery and drama, this movie depicts the story of a great magician who is madly in love with a girl. Upon hearing the news of his love getting engaged to a prince he brings all of his considerable powers to compete with the prince.


This story revolves around a factory worker who is insomniac. He unintentionally causes an accident at work which becomes another reason of his unease.

THE VOW (2014)

This is a story of a newlywed romantic couple who meet a tragic car accident which leaves the lead actress Paige in coma, followed by a memory loss. Despite of these challenge her husband Leo is determined to make his marriage work.


During a healing trip to Europe, Frank Tupelo finds himself getting attracted to a beautiful stranger Elise who puts herself in his path.


This story revolves around a man who struggles to get back into a normal relationship with his ex-wife. Things get confusing when he meets Tiffany who offers to help him in exchange of something big.


It is an musical classic, in which college girls form a group who are capable of singing brilliantly. Soon, they find their group in the top competitions.



 A fresh college grad, enthusiastic to go on his dream trip to Europe, is soon struck with the reality of not being able to go Europe. Instead, he is forced to take a job at an amusement park where he falls in love with his co-worker.

Movies for couples can be quite common as mentioned before, do sort out your favorites and keep looking for other films in similar genres! Remember, not all movies for couples are for everyone – if it doesn’t work for you, skip it.

Which one are you watching tonight?