Mistakes to avoid making you look desperate in a relationship

Mistakes to avoid making you look desperate in a relationship

In every relationship, or you might say in the early stages of a relationship, you have to take things slow and steady. The faster you go, there are chances of you ruining things really badly. To start with, every woman or girl, in the beginning, does not want you to be more into the relationship than she is. When you start doing or behaving a lot more than she does, you start coming across as “desperate” to your partner. And, trust me, nobody wants a partner who’s desperate.


There is a thin line between being desperate and being there for your partner. She wants you to have a secure feeling rather than being the clingy one for an example. You must keep in mind these few mistakes that would make you come across as desperate rather than let your relationship bloom.

Being too expressive (like a LOT) in your messages than she is

Communication is one way that helps you strengthen your relationship and makes way for you to have a better understanding of whom you’re dating. Writing those Romeo Juliet-like love letters while chatting with each other would not be a very wise idea. Keep a balance between how expressive you are because you want to come across as “he’s already getting serious” kind of a guy.


Sending texts again and again if you don’t get a response

Well, I personally hate this aspect and certainly makes a man look desperate. I knew this guy who would continue to text his girl and bombard her with WhatsApp texts and when she won’t reply, he’d start calling her again and again till the call was received. Well, that’s something nobody wants to encounter and one would call off the relationship that very instant. This act is not wanted and considered very desperate because you cannot barge into anyone’s privacy without knowing where you stand in that relationship.


Over-spending on her with gifts without even spending quality time

You know how these guys are who are freaking rich and want to woo the woman by buying her valuable gifts and showering all the riches on her without even knowing her properly. Women are beings that can be wooed with quality time and gifts but the latter-only can be problematic. You can even end up buying gifts for someone who’s simply there because of your riches and will be quite happy but if she’s not – you come across as desperate for a relationship.


Showing up uninvited wherever your partner is

You are lucky that she tells you whether she’ll be going out with her friends or will be at work or anywhere else. But that simply doesn’t mean that it is signed for you to land up there without informing her and barge into her personal space. All this makes it look odd in front of her as well as in front of her friends, family, and acquaintances. You don’t want your reputation to go down really badly – do you?


Making future plans that go a long long way

This might happen in a gist of a moment or you are quite happy with the girl that you’ve got but don’t go with the flow and start making plans that are way beyond your league. Even when you’ve just been a date or two, thinking about getting married, having kids and a lot more than that can be very harmful to your relationship and your image as well.


Just enjoy yourself for the moment and if things are to turn in your favor, they will – eventually. Coming across desperate is something no woman wants and can be bad for your reputation as well.