How to Keep the Spark Alive – 5 Tips for Married Couples

Friendship and understanding are the two important foundations of every marriage. 

If you and your partner can support each other in different situations, you’ll build a stronger union.

Such a relationship usually leads to successful careers and happy children. 

Still, long-term relationships and marriages sometimes need some additional ingredients. 

These little things can spice things up and add to the quality of your life together. 

So, we’ve prepared five tips that will help every married couple keep the spark alive. 

  1. Write love notes

All the best things in life don’t cost a single penny. 

The older you get, the more aware you will be that this statement is true. 

If you want to keep the spark alive, it’s important to often show your affection and dedication. 

We all know that marital life brings numerous situations in which we don’t show the best of us. 

Nagging, complaining, and a negative attitude can lead to emotional discontent. 

But we can try to improve those negative aspects on a daily level. 

One of the best emotional boosters in every marriage are love notes. You can put them in your partner’s bag, as well as in his or her wallet. Also, you can post love-you notes on the computer or in your bedroom. 

Those gentle words paired with photos and some mutual memories will throw you back to your beginnings. For instance, sometimes you can just write a good-morning note and tuck it inside your spouse’s pocket. 

What’s even more important, you’ll show the other side how much you care about him or her. 

  1. Go out alone from time to time

Married couples with children treasure a mystery greater than the Bermuda Triangle: how to go out alone. 

Preoccupied with daily family errands and chores around the house, many couples can’t find time for themselves. 

Sooner or later, such a lifestyle takes its toll on partners. 

Simply put, you’ll lose touch with your husband or wife as an emotional partner. Even if you organize all your family obligations together, you won’t have enough time for the good old playfulness. 

Therefore, you need to reserve some time only the two of you. 

For instance, try to go out alone once a week or once in a fortnight. You can hire a nanny or ask grandparents to look after your kids. That way, you can have dinner in a restaurant, go bowling or simply take a long evening stroll withy our beloved partner. 

You might find out something new about each other that will inspire you to love that person even more. 

Also, some new chakras might open that will elevate your relationship to an even higher level. 

  1. Spend time away from the town

In addition to finding some quality time for each other, try to travel together out of town. 

For instance, you can organize a romantic weekend in the mountains. During the day, you can go hiking or just walking around some scenic landscapes. At night, you can have dinner at a secluded place in the country, such as the Annex events complex

On the other hand, you can go for a warm weekend by sea. The sun, the scents of the sea, and the positive vibes can help you reconnect with your partner. 

While on such a trip, commit yourself completely to your partner. Put the mobiles aside and limit your time on social media. Those escapes are here to reignite the spark of passion and emotional devotion between the two of you. So, take that time seriously and let them know how much you care. 

  1. Cut back on nagging

By nature of things, married couples spend a lot of time together. Because of that, it’s impossible to always be in a good mood. 

However, those bad moods should be controlled as much as possible. 

Otherwise, married couples sooner or later start nagging and complaining about everything. 

We also tend to correct each other for tiny, unimportant things. 

According to the article published in Huff Post, nagging might be more stressful than cheating

When somebody keeps telling you every single day what mistakes they make, that person will be under constant stress. 

As a result, he or she can lose self-confidence, which could lead to some serious emotional problems. 

We all make mistakes but there’s no need to poke somebody in the eye for that. 

So, try to rise above the situation and keep a positive attitude toward the person you love. 

Years and years of nagging will just destroy the beautiful things that you have in common. 

  1. Do your share of errands 

Last, but not least, it’s recommended to spouses to manage all the errands and chores together. 

In many marriages, women are in charge of the house, the children, and cooking. Since many modern women go to work, as well, they’re exhausted and stressed. 

On the other hand, more and more husbands want to take part in all chores and errands. Some wives sometimes use this option as an excuse not to participate in those actions. 

None of these behavioral models will keep the spark alive. 

What you should do is share all the obligations. For instance, if your wife has had a tough day at work, take the kids outside and let her recuperate from all the tension. 

Similarly, if your husband has just come back from the night shift, you should take the kids to school or the kindergarten. 

When your partner sees that you’re here for them in those little things, he or she will appreciate you even more. 


Mutual respect is extremely important for every long-term relationship. However, that’s only one of many important elements that ensure the quality of your mutual life. 

Keeping the emotional and physical spark alive is equally important as friendship and appreciation. 

The tips from this article should help you improve your marriage in several ways. However, bear in mind that both parties should make their contribution to the marriage. If you both take your time and energy to put those strategies to practice, you’ll keep the spark alive for many years. 

AuthorBio: James Barnes is an experienced wedding organizer and blogger at He specialized in organizing outdoor wedding events.When he isn’t writing about weddings and marital life, David usually goes swimming or playing squash.