How to deal with an immature partner

How to deal with an immature partner

Some people might think that maturity is all about age. To be precise, maturity is based on experience. Why? Through experience, we learn to adapt to our environment and improve our life. It also teaches us how to handle our problems and to not repeat the same mistake again.

However, for an immature person, they prefer to put it aside and not bother about it. That is why they have a hard time to make a wise decision for their life. Maturity can also be further solidified by facing the challenges that we face in our daily life.

The more challenges we face in our life the stronger we will become. Immature attitude is one of the main reason why our partner pulls away from their relationship.

Secondly, unfairness. It is another good example to know whether our partner can make a wise decision or not. Life is unfair. Why? Because it can affect us emotionally and leads us to disappointment. An immature person will make a decision based on their emotion. However, mature people will find a way and not using their emotion to make a decision.

To give you a view about an immature person, here signs to know whether your partner is immature:

1# Signs of immature person

a.       React negatively

If you happen to disagree with their opinion they will reply through aggressive reaction and sarcasm slang. For example, throw things, hit or scream at you or say bad things about you. They don’t care if they hurt your feeling or not as long you agreed with their decision.

b.       Always blame others for their mistake

Instead of fixing their mistake they will point their mistake to you. They aren’t the type who likes to admit their fault. Even if your fault they will bring up your old mistake every time to make you as the bad guy whenever there’s an argument between both of you.

c.       Does not respect your personal space and time

Personal space and time is a must in a relationship. However, an immature person won’t respect that since they don’t know what personal space and time. For them, you must always be there for them even if you busy with something.

d.       Don’t have responsibilities

In relationships, you need to sacrifice your time and ready to commit your responsibilities. However, an immature person will always find excuses to run away from their responsibilities and/or just push the responsibilities onto their partner.

e.       Always be the right one

When it comes to the argument in relationships, they will point all the mistakes at you without concern your feeling and try to make you as the bad guy and him/her as the victim.

f.        Always run away from problems

They prefer to throw away their problems instead of fixing them. Since they are not the type who likes to stress out by themselves. Therefore, they prefer to live their life without having any hardships, troubles and/or worries.

2# How to deal with it? End it or Help them?

a.    Be patience

Since they can’t accept changes in their life immediately. Therefore, you need to help them get through it and support each other together. Never let them go through it alone and it will take time for them to change.

b.    Know that you can’t change them

You have to put it in your mind that you can’t change them. However, the only thing that you can make them listen to you is through your reaction to their bad behaviours. Since you can’t control their bad behaviours you need to be assertive and show them that you being serious.

c.    Make them realize their mistakes

It is a bad idea to point their flaws to them because they will point it back to you. However, with a proper communication it can help them slowly to realize their mistake and can’t have it their ways.

d.    Don’t be their maid

Let them do their chores and do things on their own. If they forget to buy milk on the way home, then let them finish their works. Let them be independent and teach them not to rely on others too much.

If things get worse and no improvement, maybe it’s the time for you to end this toxic relationship. Since it’s your choice to build future with your soulmate. If this immature attitude keeps going on, it’s not worth to spend your life suffering with someone who doesn’t share the same goal as you.

It’s not like you have to leave them on the first day you’ve met. Unless they willing to improve and to be better for you. Therefore, you need to help them and be there for them. Lastly, you need to prepare yourself, because this process going to takes time and effort for them to be better.