An honest blinkist review – After 1 year of daily usage

An honest blinkist review – After 1 year of daily usage


Book reviews are everywhere, some of you might think – oh, i can just google the book if I want to know more about it. Yeah, that’s true. But what are the chances of you actually googling it?


There are literally thousands of books on blinkist, you are not going to read them all. You are only going to read the books you’re interested in on there and that’s about it.


So, is paying a monthly/yearly fee worth the money?


The thing about blinkist is: Convenience.


Convenience is the reason why you order an uber instead of walking or order meal deliveries instead of cooking. People pay for convenience all the time, so why wouldn’t you get blinkist?


For $50 a year, you get to read ALL the books you want to read without actually putting in the time you should. Their summaries give you the key points of it all.


I personally use it for general self improvement and reading just looking through interesting books myself. I find it important to make it a point to move forward in your life, moving on.





  • book summaries at your fingertips
  • Daily self improvement now takes only 5 minutes
  • Ability to listen to book summaries on the go
  • Download the books and use it for future viewing
  • 1 summary takes about 5 minutes, resulting in reading book a day


  • small monthly fee that doesn’t not result in much
  • You now have to be responsible to read it because you’re paying for it

What is blinkist good for?

Blinkist is a summary app – which covers books from a wide variety of topics.


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Blinkist is good for self improvement, improving general knowledge or getting business ideas.


Whether you’re a businessman or a college student trying to get out of debt, blinkist serves a function where everyone will eventually run out of, something that money can’t buy.




That’s right, time. You ever heard how people die with a lot of wealth but no time to enjoy it?


Blinkist saves you so much time, probably months if you absorb 1 book a day.


Let’s do the math:

Let’s say 1 book takes you 3-5 hours, average it out to 4 hours a day.


4 hours x 365 days = 1460 hours

5 minutes x 365 days = 1825 minutes

                                  = 30 hours


After 365 days, you will have read 365 books – for 30 hours.


Imagine who you’ll become after 365 books, you are now well-read, with high self-awareness and well versed in the topics you’re interested in.


You are now a confident stoic person, who is familiar with psychology and business strategies.


All for $5 a month, for 5 minutes a day.


Make no mistake, having an education at your fingertips will be the biggest opportunity you will ever have.


What’s the difference between blinkist and reading actual books?

Sometimes summaries just don’t cut it, if you have a deep topic you have to venture into such as psychology or sales – you’re better off getting the actual material than summaries. But for most books, the whole book only convey 2-3 points. Why spend 5 hours on a book when you get everything you need in 5 minutes?


Though the books that tend to be impactful often have just a few points to make, especially in stoicism.


TDLR: Not all books can be summarized, the ones that can will definitely benefit you.


Having done for you summaries are much more effective, cutting your learning time in half. Giving you the advantage you might just need to get yourself to the next level. Whether you are reading for self improvement or just general awareness.


As warren buffet says, the more you learn, the more you earn.


Should I binge on Blinkist to get my money’s worth?

Short answer, yes.


You know how you pay for netflix and ended up binge watching to feel like you got your money’s worth?


You might not absorb everything you read or listen to on blinkist, but it’ll really come in handy in the future when you know something to refer back to.


What genre is on blinkist?