A Guide To Wedding Dress Styles

There are different wedding dress styles that make a bride-to-be a real queen and fit her figure perfectly well. Wedding dresses styles guide would help you choose the best one from the rich model range. Before commencing your journey through fashionable types of bridal dresses familiarize yourself with popular style names and their features. 

  • Vintage Boho: Vintage style wedding dresses are an inspiration for most designers. Using vintage models, fashion designers create stunning wedding gowns. These styles create elegant, refined compositions, so every lady falls in love with them. Vintage models include dresses that arrived in the modern world from the 20-80s of the last century. 

It is important to note that if a bride wants to wear old style to the official ceremony, gowns that are at least 20 years old are considered vintage. Such a solution is suitable only for high-spirited ladies who want to have a really bright and unforgettable celebration.

  • Classic Prep: Classic has always been and will be in fashion. And if it is difficult to decide on the choice of the bride’s gown, then classic wedding dresses can always be suitable and magnificent. Preferring one of them a bride will be always in trend.
  • Modern Minimalist: Minimalism style wedding dresses are designed for brides who prefer an abundance of decor and luxury – simplicity and conciseness. Minimalism is a new trend in wedding fashion, which is gaining more and more popularity among modern youth, aspiring to naturalness and natural beauty.
  • Sexy Glam: There are many possibilities for creating a sexual image; a bride can choose different color wedding dresses that are best suited to her taste and self-determination. There are models that are optimal for various types of figures, so every girl can find a perfect cut that sensually emphasizes the figure.

First of all, it is worth mentioning the stunning wedding dresses made of translucid fabric, with lace applications or embroidery, located along the entire length and hiding the neckline and the line of the hips.

Transformer wedding dresses deserve special mention. This is a good solution that opens up extra opportunities for a bright wedding photo shoot. 

  • Rustic Chic: Rustic wedding dresses reflect simplicity and naturalness.

The style is characterized by fabrics with a simple pattern and floral or geometric ornaments, decorated with beads or embroidery.

In dresses of a rustic style, the emphasis is on a spacious cut and accentuated waist. To make the dress look harmonious, the hairstyle should be as simple as possible, shoes on low heels, makeup is not recommended at all or it should be maximum natural.

It is sensible to start with the general wedding concept determination. No doubts, if you plan a wedding in nature’s lap, then the bride in a magnificent dress with a long train will look inappropriate. Images of the newlyweds should mutually complement with the style of the ceremony.

The most important thing the bride should do is to consider the features of her figure in order to know which wedding dress styles are worth trying on and which ones should not even be looked at. Of course, all the brides are beautiful and unique, but there are some rules for choosing dresses that work in all cases.