28 ways to be happier!

28 ways to be happier!

Happiness is a choice. Life might have it’s turns and twists but happiness is under your control – you often make the choice to be happy, or maybe you don’t. But focus on what causes you to feel good about yourself and forget about the others.
With your newfound well-being and happiness, will come life-changing health benefits.

Items That Will not Make You Happy

Money/Material Possessions

Research has discovered that individuals are actually happier when the basic necessities of theirs are actually covered, but some people with much more money than that they need does not improve much in variation on happiness levels. A study done by a Princeton economist discovered that there’s a certain dollar amount after which more wealth has no measurable impact on day-to-day happiness. The magic income number is actually: $75,000.

After this special magic number, more material possessions does not show any increase in happiness.


Of course, kids could be a very good source of joy and fulfillment, though they need a great deal of attention and will intensify emotional stress, monetary pressures, as well as marital pressure. Several studies indicate that being married (with no kids) and having much more friends have a much better connection with happiness. Nevertheless, kids will not MAKE you happy because just you are able to MAKE yourself feel happy.


People often say.. I wish I was younger.

But if you constantly live in the past, you wouldn’t be making plans for the future!

Physical appeal and youth have minimal or perhaps no bearing on well-being at all. Adults typically grow steadily happier through the middle age of theirs as well as then happiness amounts decrease as other life and health problems challenges occur.

How can you Know When You are Happy?

1. Hours are actually flying by and you are not looking at the time – you are just living in the moment.
2. You are not centered on just how healthy you are performing a specific task or even what other folks are actually thinking of you.

3. You are not worrying about what your plans for your future, as you are content with the present.

4. Everything is actually feeling effortless. You are not trying to ‘hustle’ it out.

5. You cannot stop smiling (externally and also internally).

28 Ways To Be Happier

Eat a minimum of one meal with someone you love.
Being a minimalist
Create tech free zones in your home!
Clear out old stuff that doesn’t benefit you.
Have a gratitude journal.
Live in the moment.
Jot down a list of your interests/hobbies and try something new!
Enroll in an internet community to be a part of.
Block out time in every day to be on your own.
Pick a profession which fulfills you.
Personalize your workspace to make it your own.
Stay away from the very long commute – live closer to the office.
Be honest even if it hurts.
Take the effort to hang out with an old friend.
Focus on the relationships of yours in life that is real. And not the possibilities of it.
Help out a good friend in need.
Create some long-terms goals for yourself.
Go outside for thirty mins, get some sun (it’ll tackle depression).
Give Yoga a go!
Sleep 7-8 hours a night.
maintain a well-balanced diet.
Do not sweat the little things.
Tell 3 loved ones exactly how much you love them.
Quit trying to solve all of the flaws in the life of yours.
Take “I can’t” from the vocabulary of yours.
Do something new, every day.
Allow yourself to become content with your life.
Stop imaging scenarios that are not true and think to yourself.. “I hope.” Just work on it!
You do not have to take part in the struggles of various other people’s lives.
Mind your own business! – You can only control what you do, not anyone else’s decisions.