21st Birthday Wishes, Quotes, and Messages for Him and Her

21st Birthday Wishes, Quotes, and Messages for Him and Her

21st birthday wishes, quotes and messages for him and her!

Of all the significant milestones in life, turning twenty-one is the biggest. If a family member or friend is having their special birthday event soon, send them a heartfelt message that they will never forget.

It can be challenging to pick out exactly what to say or write depending on the medium you use to deliver your message. A handwritten, personal card will have a different tone than a text message, quick tweet, or Facebook post.

Take a look at our suggestions below to learn how to craft 21st birthday messages for him and her that is inspiring, sweet, and sentimental.


Choosing The Correct Tone for Your 21st Birthday Wishes for Him and Her


If there is one truth in the world, it’s known that everyone wants to have a good time on their birthday. However, this isn’t the only way that you can angle your message. The tone of the card quickly changes depending on who writes the note.


Friends of the birthday celebrant should aim for fun, charming, or witty phrases for their cards. These one-liners will stay with them when choosing 21st birthday quotes for him and her.


  • “Sorry, your fake I.D. has expired. Time to get a real one!”
  • “Turning 21 just means that you’ll have 14 years to sober up before you run for president.”
  • “Drink responsibly? Forget that. You’ll want to eat responsibly from now on with your decreasing metabolism.”
  • “Happy Hangover– oops, I mean, Happy Birthday!”
  • “Don’t worry. On your 21st birthday, I’ll pretend this is your first drink if you pretend the same on mine.”


Sentimental 21st Birthday Wishes for Him and Her


Significant others, family members, and close friends can choose messages with this tone.


  • “Over the last twenty-one years, it has been a pleasure to see you live, laugh, and grow.”
  • “My dearest, we only get to celebrate your 21st birthday once, so let’s make tonight special!”
  • “Happy birthday, bestie. We’ve shared so many good times, and I can’t wait to make more memories tonight!”
  • “We’ve been buds for such a long time. I can’t believe you’re turning 21! Wishing you the best, bro.”
  • “You look as charming and beautiful as ever on this wonderful occasion. I hope your birthday brings you all the amazing memories in the world.”


21st Birthday Quotes for Him and Her from Older Generations


Older generations and caregivers can take the opportunity to impart their wisdom and 21st birthday wishes for him and her.


  • “Growing older comes with a lot of challenging responsibility. I know you are ready for the task and I can not wait to see you face the world!”
  • “Now is the time to take risks and be brave. Regrets are far worse than mistakes. Have a fantastic birthday.”
  • “Seize this moment and cherish it in your heart. Your life holds many memories. Take special care of the good ones.”
  • “I hope your day is an incredible experience whether you are turning twenty-one or fifty-five! Keep the people you hold dear close to your heart during your special day.”
  • “Smile, darling. The future is yours to conquer. Happy 21st birthday!”


Make the Message Personal


Well-written 21st birthday wishes for him and her on the card is the difference between ending up tossed in the trash or carefully kept in a keepsake box.


A generic birthday 21st birthday messages for him and her are tempting for those not comfortable with their writing skills. But, making the note personal will make a huge difference.


Think about the main message that you desire to get across to the recipient of the card. Of course, in this case, it will be to wish them a happy birthday, but it is also an opportunity to add more to your sentiment. Your words can bring an impact of congratulations, and gratitude depending on the writing.


For useful 21st birthday messages for him and her, it’s important to keep things simple. The card can be long and heartfelt, but without a proper flow and short, concise sentences you will lose the reader.


Other ways to keep the message personal:


  • Try to avoid cliches, or move around words to make them original sentences.
  • Use a unique nickname, phrase, or inside joke that only the recipient will understand.
  • Borrow a short line from the birthday celebrant’s favorite poem, song lyric, or book. Choosing 21st birthday quotes for him and her can help the recipient bring these special notions with them through the rest of their life.


Get Crafty in Your 21st Birthday Wishes for Him and Her


For those not well-versed in personalized writing, or for anyone who wants something different than a typical message, consider taking a new approach. Poems are heartfelt, personalized and can take on a variety of tones based on the style you use.


A haiku is a short Japanese poem that are often characterized by having three lines. Each line has five, seven, then five syllables a piece.


“We gather today,

To share this special moment.

Happy twenty-first!”


Other creative alternatives to bring a new spark to your messages or 21st birthday quotes for him and her is by adding small doodle or drawing. This can be of:

  • Items that the person is fond of.
  • A stick figure drawing of you and the birthday celebrant.
  • Pictures of their pets, or their favorite animals.


Adding these types of personal touches to your message are easy ways to show that you care enough to remember the small details of their lives. They’re also a great way to take up space on the card if you’re out of words to write.


Try To Empathize


For card writers that are younger and haven’t turned twenty-one yet, it’s easy to feel the stress and wonder of turning into an adult. Worries will undoubtedly accompany the double-edged sword of freedom and responsibility.


For those who are older than the recipient, remember what it was like to have your twenty-first birthday and trying to figure out your place in the world. Everything was new and intimidating, and the stress of being an adult was a wholly unique experience entirely.


On either side of the spectrum, everyone is in the same boat. We all need to age at some point, although growing up is optional.


Having one’s 21st birthday is a new and exciting experience. The best thing that any family, friend, or significant other can do is be there for the person on their birthday and leave them with a message that they will take with them through the rest of their life.