21st birthday gifts/present ideas for him and her

21st birthday gifts/present ideas for him and her

21st Birthday Present and Gift Ideas They’ll Never Forget

Where did the time go? Although it seems like just yesterday, the old toys, braces, first dates, and senior proms are old news.

Now the same kid whose scraped knees you used to kiss is paying their own bills and entering a career.

While it’s hard to watch them grow up and let them go, it’s important to celebrate their independence. So why not kick off their first official step into adulthood with a 21st birthday present to share your support?

Here’s some ideas you can start with – even if they’re hard to buy for!

Give a 21st Birthday Present to Your Foodie

Are they always trying new recipes and first in line at the newest fusion restaurant? Help them step up their game with these culinary 21st birthday gift ideas.


  • Planter’s Choice Organic Herb Growing Kit


You know that feeling when a meal is missing that “something” you can’t put your finger on? It’s probably fresh herbs and spices to compliment the dish. However, buying them fresh can get very expensive, very quick.

Save them that money by helping them grow their own! This kit includes everything they need to start growing basil, cilantro, chives, and parsley.

Believe us, you’ll be thanking yourself when you taste their next homemade meal!


  • Nested Cat Measuring Cups & Baking Bowls


Anyone can hang up a set of cheap, plastic measuring cups that only serve two purposes: measuring and taking up space. What if you could give your aspiring chef a 21st birthday gift that’s fun and multi-functional?

While these cat cups are cute, they do more than brighten up a kitchen counter. All four measure from ¼ cup to 1 cup and nest inside of each other to save space. Each ear doubles as a pouring spout and the ceramic material makes them oven friendly.

What better surprise at the end of a meal than a smiling kitty face?

The Caffeine Addict

So maybe they can’t even cook a pot of noodles, but they’ll inhale a pot of coffee in the blink of an eye. Here are the perfect 21st birthday present ideas to feed their mean bean cravings!


  • Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe Kit


While this stylish, copper device looks like something Sherlock Holmes would carry, it’s actually a coffee lover’s dream!

No matter where they go, this is a 21st birthday gift they can take anywhere. Whenever the afternoon crash or caffeine headache hits, a quick shot of coffee is within arm’s reach. All they need is some water, coffee or tea, and a heat source.

Whether they’re an office busybody or an outdoors adrenaline junkie, they’ll wonder how they ever lived without one!


Find a 21st Birthday Gift for Your On-the-Go Adventurer

Do they spend more time in a tent than their apartment? Or does it seem like they’re always on the road? Give them a 21st birthday present that will speak to their wandering soul!


  • HOMESPON Reusable Insulated Lunch Tote


Road trips, camping, volunteering abroad, and weekend festivals – does this sound like your child? Despite their age, every parent worries about their kid getting enough food and nourishment.

Don’t worry about it anymore! No matter where they go, this eco-friendly, non-toxic lunch tote will keep their food warm and drinks cool. Choose from 5 pattern schemes to wrap around the water-proof, anti-corrosive insulation.

Unlike their dorky Care Bears grade school lunch tin, this environmentally-sound tote will double as a fashion accessory too!

  • USA Beer Cap Map

Beyond their Facebook page, it’s unlikely your kid is keeping a photo album of their favorite memories. Whether they travel for work or love road trips, this 21st birthday present gives them an adult memoir to cherish.

This glossy, wooden USA cutout holds 69 bottle caps to mark their trek across the country. Since it goes beyond space for 50 states, it will drive them to exercise their nomadic heart. Measuring at 2 feet wide, it makes a beautiful display of their adventures for the brief moments they return home.

Too bad it doesn’t come with a treadmill so they can walk off the beer gut they’ll grow!

21st Birthday Present Ideas for Your Geeky Grown-Up

If they put their nose in a book more often than their butt’s on a barstool, there’s a 21st birthday present for them too. Since every geek is unique, we have 21st birthday present and gift ideas for all of them!

The Mad Scientist

Maybe they don’t know much about Star Wars, but know the Krebs Cycle by heart. Here are some 21st birthday gift ideas to match their favorite beaker!


  • Chemistry Wine Glass


Who says science can’t be fun? After a long day of labs, reports, tests, and presentations, your budding scientist will be reaching for this sleek, stemless glass.

It’s the perfect 21st birthday gift to celebrate all of their hard work and achievements in school and work. Give them the break they deserve with their favorite Pinot glimmering behind a quote that reflects their brainy personality!


  • Anatomic Heart Coasters 4-pc.


What better way to show your medical or nursing graduate your love than with an anatomical heart?

Finals and clinicals are stressful enough without worrying about stained furniture. Since they can legally wind down on a boozy buzz on the weekends, save them the stress of extra cleaning! Not only will their table stay dry, but now it will don a quirky display to share with classmates.

Since they look so much like microscopic slides, it will even make drink time feel academic!

The Hardcore Gamer

First player, you’re up! Give your gamer a 21st birthday present that will raise their XP +21 and keep them rolling level through level.


  • NES Game Cartridge Flask


Who doesn’t love a good throwback? After graduating from NES to the PS4, this is a 21st birthday gift they won’t believe actually exists!

Although it looks like an NES game cartridge, it’s actually a 4.25 ounce flask. It doesn’t leak, doesn’t spill, and has 15 different parody labels to choose: Did they love Double Dragon as a kid? Get them Double Flagon! What about Super Mario Bros? Instead, try Super Bar-Hop Bros!

While your part is buying the gift, they’ll have to invent a reason why they have a game in their mouth.


  • SONGMICS Bamboo Lap Tray


Do they prefer computer gaming over consoles? If they spend all of their free time on League of Legends, this is the 21st birthday present they need.

This bamboo lap tray cools and stores all of their devices. With enough room for a laptop and 3 tablet-size slots, they might never leave the couch! Although there is a built-in mousepad, it’s likely that it will act as a cup holder on their 21st birthday.

Even when it’s not in use, the classy, glossy pad accentuates their lounging space. After they use it once, they might never use their desk again!

The Fandom Obsessed

Are you always getting invites to the latest season premiere? Celebrate their favorite series with a 21st birthday present that displays their fandom pride.


  • ThinkGeek Yoda Tiki 14oz Glass


Drink responsibly, you will! If Yoda could train Luke Skywalker to be a powerful Jedi, he can mentor your birthday person too.

This official Star Wars merchandise definitely won’t be under a pile of dishes in the cabinet. Every swig from this ceramic, 14oz Yoda Tiki will give them a taste of the Force! If they lean more towards the Dark Side, there are other Star Wars Tikis they’ll like.

Whether it’s Yoda, Vader, or Boba Fett, they’ll love celebrating 21 in a galaxy far, far away!


Funny 21st Birthday Present Ideas

Since this milestone birthday is all about fun, put a smile on their face with these 21st birthday gift ideas.


  • Mini Hangover Kit


Does your birthday person already have everything they could want? With cabinets, closets, and chests already full, you don’t want to load in more junk on them. Instead of a 21st birthday present that last for a lifetime, how about just one night instead?

After they’ve gone out to celebrate official adulthood, they’ll be thankful to come home to this hangover kit! It includes a Blistex stick, Alka-Seltzer, coffee, candy, and more. Then once they’re free of nausea and pounding headaches, they can store their memories in the trinket box!

They’ll be laughing when they open it and hugging it the next morning!

  • Bring me Some Beer!

While cheap beer has no taste, quality beer requires some time to adjust. By your 21st birthday, their taste buds will be more accepting of the rich flavors great beer offers.

Now that they can legally explore the store aisles for different blends to try, they’ll be keeping backups in the fridge. What happens when they want a refill? They can slip on these cozy, warm socks and prop up their feet!

Whoever catches this surprising display first will be laughing all the way to the fridge!


Her Favorite 21st Birthday Present Ideas

Commemorate her step from young lady to full-fledged woman with a classy 21st birthday present.


  • GIANNA’S HOME Wine Barrel Cork Cage & Bottle Holder


There are too many cheap, flimsy wine racks that continue to disappoint us amateur wine connoisseurs. Gianna’s Home offers a clever solution that doubles as aesthetic kitchen décor.

While the strong wire barrel securely holds 4 wine bottles, it has plenty of room for keepsake corks too! Once it’s full, it can serve as a decorative piece or inspire them to make their own DIY cork art. Who knows how creative they might get with a few glasses of wine down!

  • Tequila Mockingbird Cocktail Cookbook

We know you’re probably thinking where she’ll find room to fit another book. Don’t worry, because this one will stay on the kitchen counter!

It has all of the adult drink recipes she’ll love with a twist from her favorite literary classics. From “Romeo and Julep” to “The Last Night of Mojitios”, she’ll be an aspiring barista before you know it! While it’s available for Kindle, a true book nerd will appreciate the feel and smell of a new hardcover book.

His Favorite 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Give him a gift he can use for a lifetime with these 21st birthday present and gift ideas.


  • Cinema Light Box with Letters & Emojis


Surprise him on his birthday with his very own cinema marquee! It comes with 130 letters and emojis to illuminate messages to all of his guests. At the very least, it gets an idea across to others better than leaving a sticky note behind!

For a long time to come, even his friends will be leaving funny messages for him to find the next day. If it doesn’t create laughs for a lifetime, he’s not using it right!

  • Spotted Dog Craft Beer Growler

Did you know they don’t have to go to a bar for quality beer on tap? Give them the freedom of fresh, tap beer anywhere they go!

Even if he isn’t familiar with the setup, the instruction manual will make it all clear.

It looks amazing in the kitchen or set out during a backyard BBQ. If their friends aren’t totally jealous, they’ll be coming over for fresh, tap beer every weekend!

Who knows, he might even decide to start brewing his own!

Still at a Loss?

If these all sound like great ideas, but none really “click”, you can always apt for a bottle of liquor! When you don’t know their favorite beer, wine, or liquor, you could just ask or better – put together a sample tray! After 20 years of birthday cake, we know they’ll appreciate a tray of pints and airplane-size bottles instead.

What if they aren’t much of a drinker? No problem! We know you want to commemorate this milestone celebration in a very special way. That’s why we have more birthday present and gift ideas up our sleeves (link).

Despite what you choose, the most important thing is to have fun with it and create lasting memories!