21st birthday cakes ideas for him & her

21st birthday cakes ideas for him & her

21st birthday cake ideas: What do you need?

You want your partner’s 21st birthday to be more than just a night of drinking. You’re looking for something special to reflect him or her. A 21st birthday cake designed for the occasion gives you the opportunity to say a little bit more than the typical happy birthday.

Specialty 21st birthday cakes come in all shapes and sizes. From an intimate two-person cake to a multi-tiered party cake with different flavors and icing. But a cake is more than its design. It has to be tasty, too!

So, in addition to everyone huddling in to get a snap of the unique cake you picked out, you want them to enjoy it, too. Especially your boyfriend or girlfriend. The cake shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should set the mood for a fun night out!

You have many options to surprise your partner, so let’s break it down. We want you to have the best looking, best tasting 21st birthday cake for her or him.

Which Bakery to Pick?

Have you ever been to a party that has a beautiful cake? Swirling designs, bling, flowers, the whole nine. Then the moment came to dive into the delectable tower, and, wow, what a disappointment! It was dry, didn’t have any flavor, and was maybe a bit stale?

Don’t settle for the first bakery you find. And definitely don’t decide without either tasting the cakes yourself or reading reviews from people who have.


You have options: yelp, Google, Trip Advisor, and more. Whichever site you use, make sure you’ve seen enough reviews to make a decision on the best 21st birthday cake for her or him. A bakery with 4.5 stars from hundreds of reviews means more than one that has a five-star review from 10 ratings.

Read the best and worst reviews. People have different tastes, preferences, and customer service requirements. No one is going to like every bakery, so you have to find the one that best suits your needs.


A good bakery will have photos to show you. They will want to collaborate with you on 21stbirthday cake ideas or show you their previous work. If they don’t, move on to the next bakery!


Yes, this is a given! But, if you’re starting the party at 10:00 p.m., you may have to arrange a special pickup or delivery time. Some places will work with you and others will have prompt hours.

Flavors and Designs

The default 21st birthday cake idea involves designs with alcoholic beverages (duh). But you can personalize the design with your partner’s favorite drink. Does he live for micro brews? Maybe she prefers wine? You know them best, so start thinking!

If you’re hosting a big night out, you might want to stick to a general flavor that most people like: chocolate, yellow, marble, or vanilla (or a mix). Top it off with buttercream frosting. Keeping it simple on the inside let’ the outside design shine.

For smaller celebrations, you could try a popular, non-standard flavor, like carrot, cheesecake, or lemon. The bakery can get creative with frosting ideas here: fondant, meringue, cream cheese, and more! Here, you’re prioritizing fun tastes in addition to a great design.

You can also let the bakery go wild. Just like specialty designs, bakeries will have specialty flavors. Ask your bakery what they have. They’ll love sharing options for the tastiest 21st birthday cake for him or her.


It’s inevitable that prices for custom cakes will vary. A single tier cake that serves 12 people is going to be cheaper than a multi-tier cake for 50. Adding flavors, decorations, sculpting, etc. will increase the price.

In general, plan to spend at least $100, but it could be more if your local bakeries don’t have much competition. In the grand scheme of things, that’s not that much to pay for a gorgeous 21stbirthday cake for her or him.

Non-Cake Options

Okay, you’re tired of cake. You think another type of pastry would say more. Well, you have options!

  • Have you ever seen specialty pies? They’re gorgeous and perfect for a fruit-filled alternative.
  • Cupcakes are a great option for a celebration where you don’t want to have to worry about plates or silverware—like a bar or club. Cupcake in one hand, drink in the other!
  • Taking that idea even further, cake pops are the perfect on-the-go pastry.

The Perfect 21st Birthday Cake for Him or Her

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of choices out there. Keep in mind that selecting 21st birthday cake ideas shouldn’t be a chore. Look at your options, work with your bakery, and let the guest of honor enjoy your selection!

Let’s be honest, at the end of the night, they’re going home with you. No cake can replace that—but it doesn’t hurt to try!